The Great Equalizer: New Turbo E-Bike Makes Biking Up Paved Hills Fun for Everyone

Nov 14 by Reannon Muth, Las Vegas Cyclery

Ah, hills. Love or hate ‘em, when you’re riding a bicycle, there’s no avoiding ‘em. While many experienced cyclists live for the climbs, even go great lengths to seek them out, not everyone is that, ahem…crazy. There are many motivations powering pedals these days and pain and suffering isn’t always top of the list… or at least now it doesn’t have to be.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that cycling newbies and experienced riders can appreciate: the Specialized Turbo, an electric-powered bicycle that transforms cycling uphill into an effortless—and even thrilling—experience.

No More Up-Hill Battles: The Turbo Helps You Pedal Faster, Stronger

“It’s like a tailwind on demand, providing superhuman boost that has you over the 20 mph mark in seconds.” – Damon Lavrinc,

The pedal-assist electric bike “Turbo”, invented by the largest bike manufacturer in the world, Specialized, is considered to be one of the fastest and sleekest-looking e-bikes on the planet. While it may resemble an average urban bike to the untrained eye, hidden inside the frame is the bike’s unique super power: a lithium battery-powered electric motor, which can help launch cyclists to speeds of 28 miles per hour. Although this super bike won’t do all the work for you—you have to pedal to keep the motor running—it will give you an extra burst of speed and power. Or as Specialized explains it, “It’s you, only faster!”


Watch this video to see this rad bike in action:


Try before you buy! How to join an E-Bike tour.
Where to buy your Specialized Turbo.


Where to Ride an Electric Bike in Las Vegas (on paved roads only)


E-BikeRed Rock Canyon Electric Bike Day Tour with Escape Adventures

The Turbo, like most ebikes, is an urban bicycle, which means it is not suitable for off-road or mountain biking. The Turbo is a speed machine; it works best on smooth, paved roads, making it ideal for paths like the scenic loop road in Red Rock Canyon. In addition to the walls of fire-red rocks that have made the canyon famous, cyclists in the park can expect to see cacti, Joshua trees and, if they’re lucky, a wild donkey or two. The park is even home to herds of wild burros and mustangs. While the 15-mile loop can be a challenge when using human power alone, an electric bike makes this feat doable for anyone.


Las Vegas Cyclery sells the Turbo, but you can try it before you buy it. Escape Adventures offers half-day, guided e-bike tours through Red Rock Canyon that are ideal for people of all ages and skill levels. A guided e-bike tour makes for a fun family outing and a great choice for adventure-seekers looking to get away from the Strip and see a more scenic, natural side of Vegas. Visit the Electric Bike Tours page for details or call 800-596-2953.

Have you ridden the Turbo before? What did you think?







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